Some Places Of Beijing Tourist Attractions

Beijing tourist attractions is attracted many tourist to come over there since Beijing has many great places. There are over millions people who come to the Beijing as a capital of China. Beijing is a kind of metropolitan city which is sleepless. It can ease you to find whatever you want anytime and everywhere. The tourists usually come to the Beijing for visiting some history sites over there. If you stay for rather a long time in Beijing, don’t miss your time to get out and walking somewhere since there many interested place in Beijing which can be visited. Don’t spend your time only on the bed for sleeping lazily, you will miss some chances to see beautiful landscape in Beijing.

Beijing tourist attractions

Beijing tourist attractions have some various interested spot to visit. One of them is called Forbidden City or imperial palace. It is one of famous history sites in Beijing which is known as old city. It can be a first place for you to start your adventure in Beijing. This place is often burned down and again rebuild, renovated, and sacked. The architecture of this building today refers to the design of building of 18th century during Dynasty Qing. You are required to use comfort shoes because this place only can be explored by walk. This place is also completed with Starbuck when you need drinks such as coffee to refresh your spirit. To make your exploration more enjoyable, you better use guide which can explain about the story of this place.

tourist attractions Beijing Tiananmen Square

Beijing tourist attractions are Tiananmen Square. It is one of top list of attracted Beijing tourist attractions place. This place is a kind of gathering or parades spot like the largest square in the world. You can gather and enjoy your quality time with your family, friends, or other relatives in this place. Create unforgettable moment in this place with your lovely couple, too.

beijing tourist attractions The Great Wall of China

Beijing tourist attractions the next place is great Wall. This wall is the most Beijing tourist attractions which has mainly eight sections which most of the sections are protected and well reserved. The relics on the wall are drawn history of Dynasty Ming which is known as huge time for construction. When you come to the Great Wall on summer, don’t forget to use sun block for protecting your skin. Also, whatever the seasons, the most important one are you have to use strong and comfort shoes since you will walk a lot to explore this Great wall. Don’t forget to bring water, too.

Beijing tourist attractions are about Summer Palace

Beijing tourist attractions are about Summer Palace which is known as the largest of imperial garden. It also opens in summer which let also the visitors for taking a rest or walking around the buildings, pavilions. Bridges, temples, and there is also huge lake which is called Kunming Lake which almost covered all part of park. It is also called as the Royal Garden Museum because of its excellent architecture and design.

Beijing tourist attractions are temple of heaven or Tiantan. It is a kind of Beijing tourist attractions of temple which is one of sacred sites in Beijing. When you come in the morning, this temple is also using for people to kung fu, taiji, and many people who are doing various kind of exercises.