Some Incredible Beijing China Facts

Beijing china facts have incredible data which can make you unbelievable. Beijing is one of town which has many citizens which live over there. In 2010, the population in Beijing is about 22.000.000 people. Those are fantastic numbers since Beijing is small place. By this, the government starts to construct high building such as apartments and others building which can be used for living. The government also helps them by renting the apartments with lower price. With the land area of 6,487 of square miles, Beijing can give places for people who want to live over there. By this, the government starts to reduce the birth rate. It is purposed to keep the population balance.

Beijing China

Geography facts of Beijing China
Beijing china facts are bordered with Hebei province in the north, west, the east part, and the south until to Tianjin Municipality on southeast. The average of elevation in Beijing is about 143 feet or 43.5 m. Beijing is a kind of larger city which is located on northern of China. It is also famous as a capital of China. Furthermore, Beijing also considered as direct control of municipality. The large population in Beijing is divided up to 16 suburban and urban districts and also two rural of counties.

Beijing China Facts

Beijing china facts which can make you unbelievable is that Beijing also famous as Four Great of Ancient capitals in China. It is also a place of culture and political center in China and ever become host of Summer Olympic Games on 2008. In its history, Beijing China facts about history have several names before such as Dadu during the Dynasty of Yuan, Zhongdu for Dynasty of Jin. The word “Beijing” also ever renames becomes “Beiping” in twice as history.

image modern beijing city

Beijing China facts have to be a live place of modern people about 27000 years. In 1949 on January, Communist force to enter Beijing which is called Beiping after that event. it is known as Chinese Civil war which is signed by the formation PRC or People’s republic of China. In this time, Beiping is again renamed into Beijing and become a capital. As capital of China, it has many changes of features in physical such as the construction of roads for bicycles and cars, the removal city wall. Time by time, the growth of people is rapidly so that many history spot in Beijing become shopping and residence center.

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Beijing China facts show that it becomes one spot of development industrial place in China. Beijing China facts about geography is surrounded by many mountains until to north, west, and northwest. Beijing also has some place which can attract tourist to come over there. The most popular one is the Great Wall of China. Find some others spot which is attracted when you are visiting Beijing.


Beijing china facts are a kind of hot continental humid, dry winters, humid summers, and also very cold. In the summer, the climate is influenced by monsoon from East Asian. The average of temperature in Beijing during July is about 31°C or 87.6°F whereas during January is about 1.2°C or 35.2°F.