Favorite Places In Beijing China As Your Destination

Beijing has various places which is interested and beautiful. This town can be alternative for those who are looking for suitable place for holiday. Favorite places in Beijing China will make you amazed at the, besides, it also increase your knowledge of Chinese history when you visit some history sites in Beijing. You can go to there by registering to travel agent or exploring Beijing only by your own expense. The first choice ease to explore Beijing with several package and hotel reservation which can be enjoyed during the holiday other side the second choice can be a challenge since you haven’t came to Beijing before.

favorite place in Beijing China

Beautiful landscape of favorite places in Beijing China

Hongcun Ancient Village is one of favorite places in Beijing China. It is a kind of old build about 900 year. It can be alternative for Chinese visitors for knowing the architecture of old building in China.  Furthermore, it is designed with distinctive and tranquil vibe architecture. This building is a kind of classic structure which is completed with Moon Lake as local beautiful landscape. It can inspire students or other people who have high aesthetic sense for creating greatest artwork especially for drawing or painting. By this, list this place as inspirational favorite place in Beijing China.

favorite place beijing Huangshan

The next place which should be on the list when you visit favorite places in Beijing China is Mount Huangsan. This place is interested since it is one of World heritage Site of UNESCO. This mountain has height about 1863 meter which ahs spectacular formations of rock, melancholy clouds, misty seas, and hot spring. Relax your mind by take a deep breath in this place which can release your stress and depression with fresh air and beautiful natural landscape.

favorite places in crescent lake

Historical favorite places in Beijing China

Besides having beautiful landscape of nature, Beijing also has some historical sites which are built in classic style. Echoing Sand Mountain and crescent lake, Dunhuang is one of historical favorite place in Beijing which has also beautiful landscape. It is located in northwest China in vast Gobi desert. Over there, there are a lot of dunes which is surrounded by Crescent Lake. As its name, it has echo which can be heard like when the wind is blowing across the dunes. There is also a Chinese build over there may be a place which can be used for taking a rest or only for decorative purpose which can introduce the visitors about the original architecture of Chinese house. Visit this place as favorite place in Beijing China to see beautiful landscape and architecture of Chinese.

favorite place Beijing Kaiping Diaolou

Fortress towers in Kaiping are constructed on early 20th century. Historically, this tower is used for protecting the local areas from theft and war. The number of fortress is about 1800 fortress. To know the construction of this fortress, you can visit over there by regular bused. Kaiping is about 130 kilometers from Guangzhou. It is a Guangdong provincial capital. By visiting Kaiping as favorite place in Beijing China, you will get many experiences especially about history. 

favorite place Beijing Guayin statue

Other favorite place in Beijing China about history sites is Guanyin statue. This statue is constructed near Nashan, the mountain of Southernmost in China. There are three sided of statue which face the mainland of China, the rest of sea in South China, and Taiwan. It means that bodhisattva will give blessing not only for China but also around the world. Therefore, it deserve become favorite place in Beijing China.