Best of Favorite Places At Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of the best places in Indonesia to be found as the object for your trip. This place is in the middle of java and that makes it is easy to be reached. Of course there are some reasons why Yogyakarta becomes the favorite place to be visited. There are some favorite places at Yogyakarta can be found. All of them can be visited easily too and of course the main thing can be found from those places is that you will get such kind of feeling for visiting them again sometimes at the secondary moment.

Some favorite places at Yogyakarta will be visited can be different between one person and another. Nevertheless, there are some of them that can be assumed as the favorite areas in Yogyakarta to be visited in general. It means that all of people said that those places become the places must be visited in the time you go to Yogyakarta. There is such kind of pact for saying that. So, all of them can be found in order.

favorite places at Yogyakarta

Sultan’s Palace

Sultan’s palace or is commonly called as kraton can be assumed as one kind of interesting places in Yogyakarta. Sultan is the ruler of Yogyakarta and in his palace you can find some descriptions of the Javanese culture. The sultan’s palace is built in the center of Yogyakarta and you can reach the place easily from some sides. Of course the possibility of coming into the palace for getting such description of the culture can give you a new amazing expression there. So, this one can be assumed as one kind of the favorite places at Yogyakarta.

favorite places at Borobudur

Prambanan and Borobudur Temple

The prambanan temple and the Borobudur temple are two great temples from ancient time can be found in Yogyakarta. Those temples become the part of the favorite places at Yogyakarta because there you can get the natural feeling of looking into the amazing temple as the part of history. The temples can give you a new awareness about the civilization of the ancient people especially in java. The great design of the temples also can be something interesting to be memorized. 

favorite places at prambanan

The prambanan and Borobudur temple are placed in the different location. You can get to visit both of them in one hour trip. Of course that is not a big problem since the bus can bring you there easily and in cheap price too. All of them become the favorite places at Yogyakarta also based on same reason: both of them can be visited easily. Of course for composing the idea about visiting them, you need to prepare of visiting the ancient time too since the places where those temples can be found are really the rural places.

favorite places at malioboro

Malioboro Street

The last kind of the favorite places at Yogyakarta is the malioboro street. This is the appropriate place where you can shop some things in the cheap price. Some beautiful handcrafts can be found there and of course you must prepare the great budget not only because of the high price offered but also because of so many kinds of handcrafts can be found there. Of course this one is not the best place to stay in yogykarta and you need to choose the hotel in other are instead of in this place: the place is too noisy for you.