Reliable Tour Of Beijing

If you are first time come to Beijing, it’s better for you to get travel agency which can ease you in exploring Beijing. There are many travel agencies in Beijing which provide tour package with various price and destination. Find the suitable agent which can fit your desire to come into some places in Beijing. Tour of Beijing usually provides service for consumer either through online or come directly toward their office. Since the reservation of package can be registered via online, you have to be careful in selecting reliable travel agency which can enjoy your time in Beijing.

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Various choices of package for tour of Beijing 

There are many choices of package which can be chosen. You can choose Beijing Basic for your tour of Beijing. This package provides 4 days and 3 night service which include hotel accommodation which is completed with daily breakfast, round trip of airport hotel transfer, and compulsory city for tour in Beijing. If you want to know the detail schedule each day, you can ask the costumer services. By using Beijing Basic for your tour package, you will arrive in Beijing and will be picked up to hotel for free time so you can take a rest at the first day. After that, you can start your compulsory tour on second day by visiting Tiananmen Square. Your destination is continued by visiting Forbidden City, street of Wangfujing Shopping. And many others places. Until the last day, you are given s day for exploring Beijing by your own expense. With 3 star hotel this package is priced $240 twin bed sharing.

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The second choice for tour of Beijing package is Beijing Essentials. This package will serve you for 4 days and 3 nights. This tour of Beijing consists of round trip for transferring trip airport hotel, hotel accommodation include daily breakfast, and compulsory tour. It is rather different with Beijing Basic because it doesn’t provide this for you to explore Beijing by your own. But, the places which will be visited with tour agency are more than in Beijing Basic package.With 3 star hotel this package is pricing start at $ 360 twin bed sharing.

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Fully Tour of Beijing 

Besides exploring Beijing, you can also explore Shanghai by choosing Beijing and Shanghai package. It will provide service for your holiday in Beijing for 6 days and 5 nights. By selecting this package, you will get round trip of airport hotel transport, hotel accommodation with daily breakfast, and compulsory tour for Beijing and shanghai. Furthermore, this tour of Beijing also provides ticket for going to shanghai from Beijing and vice versa.

Package Beijing tour have various itinerary which can be appropriated with how long you will stay in Beijing. Tour of Beijing for Beijing and Shanghai package is rather expensive. It is priced about $447 with 4 star hotel and twin sharing bed. But it is equivalence with the service which will be provided by travel agency.

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Tour of Beijing will ease you in exploring Beijing especially when you are coming there alone. It will serve your nicely according to the package which will be registered. You can also choose complete tour of Beijing when you have enough money and really interested with history sites or other places in Beijing.